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acadon_packaging for companies in the export packaging, pallet and wooden packaging industry

Well-packed, safe arrival at the destination

acadon_packaging – the all-in-one ERP solution for the export packaging, pallet and wooden packaging industry

acadon_packaging has been specially developed for the industry requirements of companies operating in the export packaging, pallet and wooden packaging industry and gives you comprehensive control of all aspects of your business operation – from finance management, purchasing, sales, warehousing and logistics, to production and service management. acadon_packaging is characterized by its simple operation and works exceptionally well with existing systems and modern technology. You receive an efficient solution that fits with your growth ambitions.


Wooden packaging producers can work directly in acadon_packaging to plan, configure and calculate crates according to order or for the production of stock.


In the field of pallet production, customer orders can be processed easily and efficiently with the integrated variant configurator.


Even complex packaging projects can be executed using the integrated logistic process functionalities, such as incoming goods, redistribution, outgoing goods and package Administration.

Industry functions in acadon_packaging

As an industry specialist, we have developed acadon_packaging from a practical perspective and provide our customers with customized industry functions.

One of the requirements for the mobility of packaged goods is the provision of the right packaging, with custom-fit packaging materials that have been individually configured for the packaged item, produced for stock or according to order, that ensure the value of the goods is preserved during transport, as well as an uncomplicated application of the goods at their destination.

In acadon_packaging, all business processes across the entire process chain are seamlessly integrated into one system: from the receipt of the packaged goods, the creation of the packaging order, the storage of the packaged goods, the construction and production of the packaging material, down to the dispatch of the goods

Construct & calculate

With the integrated variant configurator for crates and pallets, as well as the integrated construction solution, export packages can be assessed and calculated according to the latest state-of-the-art standards. Taking into account a vast range of aspects such as the weight of the packaged goods, destination country, preservation, etc., it takes no more than a few minutes for statements to be produced concerning dimensions, weights, volumes and container requirements of a crate order. 3D models of the packaging to be produced can be displayed as early as the planning Phase.

Logistical processes

Processes such as the receipt of the packaged goods, redistribution, bringing together packaged good with its packaging, generation of transportation orders to the dispatch of items, etc. are all fully mapped in acadon_packaging. A barcode system allows the packages to be tracked, thereby guaranteeing traceability at all times, even within more complex packaging Projects.


The production functions ensures the flow of information across the complete process chain is safeguarded at all times, from the order entry, the generation of measurements and production planning, to production and billing.

Everything you need: the core features in acadon_packaging

Comprehensive control of all aspects of your business


Business management

All relevant information in a glance. Find out how greater transparency for substantiated business decisions can be achieved with seamlessly integrated functions for Business Intelligence and clear Reports.


Finance Management & Accounting

Reliable and transparent accounting and finance data. Keep an eye on your liquidity, and manage your systems and bank accounts.



Purchasing & Sales

Manage your suppliers and customers, items and their prices, as well as the complete order processing.




Optimize your production processes and production flow. Real-time insight into all relevant business data, such as stock and warehousing. Greater transparency and security in production planning and calculation.



Warehousing & Logistics

It’s all about getting the right products at the right time. Streamline your logistic processes and improve stock administration, order processing and order picking.



Marketing & Distribution

Success through active customer relationships. Increase the productivity of your distribution department by allowing your employees to use all distribution information at any time, from every Location.



Any time, any place

Whether at the office, at home or on the road – with your industry solution from acadon, based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you can work productively wherever you are.