Transparency, control & agility for company management

Transparency, control & agility for your decisions

Optimal control of your business processes

For sound business decisions and optimized business processes, you need the right ERP software that provides you with current and significant company information at all times. With one of acadon’s industry solutions you will have everything under control.


When you started your business, everything was probably still a little more manageable: You deliver products; customers, suppliers and employees are closely connected to each other – they exchange information.

With increasing success and business growth come more customers, more suppliers and more specialized employees. Everything becomes more complex.

New questions and challenges arise:

  • How can I keep track?
  • How is information for customers, employees and suppliers made available and distributed?
  • Why do I have to deal with so many little odds and ends?
  • Is there a central system in which all information and business processes are centrally displayed and that grows with my requirements?

This is where the acadon industry solutions come into play:

To ensure that you continue to expand successfully, well-organized business processes and up-to-date IT tools are an absolute must.

  • We help you structure the information flow through processes
  • We deliver software solutions to conveniently gather information and process it efficiently
  • We ensure a distribution of the essential information to everyone involved in the process in their role
  • We support you in using the information available for your business decisions

We have the expertise, solutions and methods to make your IT system the best it can be. The inspiration and basis for this are:

  • the technical and functional developments from Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • the simple operation
  • the dialogue with our customers
  • and the resulting innovations of our software solutions

Open yourself up to new opportunities in company management

  • Headaches and sleepless nights over monthly, quarterly and annual accounts can be a thing of the past: You will benefit from greater transparency and control, as well as being safe in the knowledge that your financial data and figures are correct
  • Find your acquisition prices quickly and at any time
  • Know the contribution margin before you close a deal
  • Reduce warehouse costs and lead times
  • Get down to the order processing more quickly
  • Get your business analysis in real time, without waiting for the tax man
  • Get to know your customer contacts and convert your sales opportunities into orders
  • Optimize your customer service – all information is available immediately
  • Promptly display changes in your processes in the ERP system