Technical consulting

If you have any technical questions…

So that technology doesn’t become a gamble – acadon Technik (technology)

Investments in the IT infrastructure really pay off and safeguard the investments made in your ERP system. At acadon, we do not just see ourselves as software providers and consultants for your company – we also guide you with a high degree of technical expertise. Alongside tailor-made advice for all questions you may have about technology, we will also take care of any licensing queries if you wish us to do so.

A team of system specialists is available to exclusively answer any questions you may have about technology and to take care of your technical issues. This all adds to the improvement of your company’s IT infrastructure and makes sure that the investments you have made in your IT system are worth it.

SQL Service Club

Our SQL specialists help you keep your SQL server on track and support you in any recurring maintenance and service work. We will optimize the performance of your SQL server on the basis of our attractive conditions. More information on the SQL Service Club:

Solutions in the cloud

The future is here, so get yourself ready and we will guide your business along the path to the cloud.

  • By outsourcing the entire service architecture, a great deal of the effort that goes into infrastructure and administration can be spared and your budget is relieved of high costs.
  • The highest security and data protection standards ensure the integrity of a company’s most valuable possession: business and customer data.
  • The extensive location, time and device-independent access to company resources opens the door for employees to new ways to be productive in both the office and at home.
On the ball

Your accessibility to our support, application development and our business consultants must be planned, carried out and assured in an efficient manner. Considering the variety of IT environments, this is a complex process. Our technology service provides optimal support in this field.