Strategy & Business Consulting

Set goals. Recognize value. Plan optimization.

The acadon business consultants will be by your side from the word ‘go’

As an owner-operated company, acadon really focuses on having a trusting relationship with all of our partners, whether they are employees or customers. Our unique team spirit and close personal contacts have helped us to successfully implement many projects over the years. We demand the most of ourselves when it comes to the quality of our consultation services and skilled implementation of a project. This is because we see ourselves not only as software providers, but also as consultants for your business with a focus on the optimization of your business processes. In a nutshell: we are the “business optimizers”.

Business Consulting

How can you continue to be successful and optimally prepare yourself for upcoming changes? Our business consultants’ expert knowledge ensures that you receive the best possible advice for every business-related challenge. Success depends on a wide range of aspects. In order to successfully and sustainably operate on the market, you need a sophisticated strategy, a high level of efficiency in operational processes and reliable technology. As an experienced business optimizer, we will support you in developing future-proof concepts, reaching your growth targets and increasing your efficiency.

Strategy Consulting Contributing to your solution, that’s what counts. Our strategy consultants have many years of experience, enabling them to collaborate with you on the planning of your goals and strategies for your company’s development. We provide assistance with the formulation of your IT strategies, which correspond to your company’s needs and make it even more effective; we understand strategy to be an integrated portfolio of standardized and individual solutions that provide long-term support for your business development.

Coaching After implementation comes the launch. To make sure that the investments that have been made in new technology and solutions are also successful when put into practice, we will support you with the conception and execution of all implementation measures, such as the generation of documentation and conducting training sessions for regular employees and management.