Microsoft Office 365 Integration

Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics NAV

The perfect combination

In the last few years, Microsoft has really driven the integration of the world of Office into the world of Dynamics ERP forward. Now, we can say that there is a perfect

Greater productivity for your employees

For example, when you have to draw up a personalized mail merge and use all the Microsoft Word formatting options to do so. Or if you have to create templates for visit reports, interview transcripts or other applications in Word or Excel.

Analyses with Excel

You don’t need to get to grips with complex reporting tools to generate simple analyses with Microsoft Excel. With a single click, tables can be transferred directly to Excel from Dynamics NAV. You can then continue to process data using the full scope of functions in Excel and, for example, create graphical analyses.

If you need a little more than that, you can directly connect Dynamics NAV to Excel and generate Power-Pivot templates that can be conveniently connected to real-time data.

Collaboration with Word

Select one of the many templates that are delivered with Word or use the separate templates to adjust invoices, delivery notes and orders to fit your company’s design. As with the mail merge method, it is possible to assign Dynamics NAV fields to your Word template to make sure the right information is in the right place in your output document.