Photo documentation

Greater transparency of quality and scope of deliveries

acadon_photo.doc – A picture is worth a thousand words

Ideally, it would never happen: A delivery arrives at the recipicient’s location incomplete or damaged.

A delivery note is a document that provides information on delivered items: this is the standard. However, the purely text-based description is often not enough. Particularly when it comes to complex delivery processes with several participating parties, the important thing is providing them all with transparent documentation about the condition of the delivery item in every phase of the process. In this case, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Of course, photo documentation takes up additional time, but it is often the only possibility to document the proper condition of the packaged items throughout the whole process chain – from the receipt of the goods and proper packaging to their dispatch – in a transparent and complete manner for all participants.

This is why many companies have already adopted the practice of generating images of the separate parts and packaged goods with a digital camera, so as to be able to document and prove that the packaging process was conducted properly. In the subsequent process, the digital images must then be transferred from the digital camera to the assessor’s workstation, archived and allocated to the respective customer project. This takes a lot of time and can lead to errors in the allocation of images to projects.

acadon_photo.doc – photo documentation that makes a statement

With the acadon_photo.doc Business App, the photo documentation of deliveries at every process phase is rendered much easier, and photos are available where they are needed – ideally, in the business process of your acadon_packaging industry solution. The management and organization of documents and photos is an immense undertaking for businesses and employees. The document filing is often organised according to the principle of “just do what you want”. This leads to additional work, frustration, great effort when it comes to searching for the right document, and therefore also to greater costs.

acadon_photo.doc does this job for you and it’s all done in just three steps:

  • Mobile data collection devices with an integrated camera function mean that separate parts/packages with bar codes can be recorded in a single process step;
  • As soon as the mobile data collection device is connected to the PC in the office, the synchronization process commences. The images are imported into the document management system and automatically archived there;
  • The internal employees can then use the photos linked to the bar code straight away.

The acadon_photo.doc in use: Click here for the application video

This is how to use acadon_photo.doc
  • Photo documentation of separate parts upon the receipt of goods: The separate parts immediately receive a bar code so they can be clearly and easily identified later in the process. At the same time, the condition of separate parts is documented upon the receipt of the delivery. If the delivery is defective or incomplete, the issue is programmed. The regulation of the damage is often difficult if the condition and scope of the delivery is not well documented.
  • Following synchronization with the back-office system, the photos are automatically archived and can then be easily retrieved using the bar code. The synchronization process takes place either via the docking station of the mobile data collection device or via WLAN so that no external storage media or manual interventions are required.
  • The archived photos can be used immediately in the continued processing of the customer order, for example when generating a packaging order, an order picking receipt or a delivery note.
  • Photo documentation during packing serves as proof that the separate part was packed properly and securely.
  • Photo documentation of the packaging material following the packing process and recording of the packaging material upon the dispatch of the goods serves to document the proper packaging for transport.
  • Use of the mobile data collection device to record measurements on site at the customer location. Photos can be taken and are then immediately available in the measure and value contract. The employee can use the images as a basis for the crate pricing. Storage of the photo documentation in the customer portal serves as proof that the transport and export packaging have been customized to fit the particular requirements of the packaged goods and that it arrives undamaged at its destination. If a customer portal is available, customers can access the photo information straight away.