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When you need the acadon_payment.plan?

It wasn’t supposed to happen, but every now and then happens: A customer can not fully pay his bill. He tells you that due to a lack of liquidity he is unable to pay the open invoices. Therefor he asks you to accept partial payments.

The invoice is already set and high affords and costs arise in accounting:

  • A customer invoice must be divided between multiple rates. In worst case at any rate the amount of rate mus be ask for. This includes several accounts receivable items, instead of one. In standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV now you have to void the open items and manually create new partial invoices the customer is able to pay.
  • Manually, you can do this also with a customer item by part payments are recorded and constantly improves the due date of the item.

Both options are of course super awkward and impractical, when there are many customers with this payment. This is where the acadon payment_plan comes into play and makes live easier for you! A complete payment plan in four steps.

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