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Internationally qualified

Worldwide perspectives thanks to the use of Microsoft technology

Internationally qualified

Whether you are thinking on a regional or international scale, thanks to the use of Microsoft technologies, the acadon industry solutions and Business Apps offer international opportunities and prospects for the future.

With the acadon industry solutions, you can count on an international professional, as the base of our solution is the internationally renowned ERP software, Microsoft Dynamics. The range of the ERP offers available on the market is immense: on the one hand, there are many small, individual providers whose offers tend to be multiple isolated solutions; on the other hand, you have comprehensive solutions that can only be practically implemented in corporate group­ structures. Microsoft Dynamics represents the ideal happy medium, perfectly suited for medium-sized businesses (ranging from a few to several hundred workstations).

Quality at the highest level

An acadon industry solution always comprises the successful combination of technologically advanced ERP software with competent consultation services at the highest level. The two come together to create a safe and future-proof platform which provides your business with the best conditions for long-term growth.

Thanks to the broad scope of the functions which, alongside the obvious elements of merchandise management and financial accounting, also contains many more aspects such as simple communication and defined workflows, acadon guarantees an optimization of all business functions, as you may expect from our job as “business optimizers”. The observation of international standards during the process is a given, meaning that your business development knows no bounds.

Integrated flexibility & progress

Our partnership with Microsoft ensures the prompt availability of modern developments within your acadon solution. Even if some functions, like mobile devices or e-business, are not yet relevant for you, it’s still a good feeling knowing that you are prepared for the future. Furthermore, the operation of Microsoft Dynamics is strongly based on the well-known Office products, meaning that results can be achieved quickly with minimum effort when it comes to learning how to use it. This facilitates acceptance among employees and saves money. And should a special function be needed at any point, this can be quickly added.