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Safe even in the most difficult situations

Benefit from our experience – step by step towards success

Tried and tested implementation methods

Using field-tested implementation and project management methods, we ensure a safe, on-time and cost-efficient introduction of your new industry solutions and Business Apps.

The acadon team will guide you to success through a number of phases. It all kicks off with an intensive meeting with the business, during which we, as consultants, will work with the business to define development goals and potentials. During the diagnosis phase, we identify your company’s special requirements so we can provide a 100% suitable solution. Of course, all of this is also possible – step by step – for individual business fields. The important thing for us is to regularly analyse and optimize all processes with you, and to be by your side as long-term “business optimizers”.

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Safety with acadon_step.wise

ACD13_Logo_step_wise_4cProject implementation is a matter of trust. We know which way the wind blows. With “sure step” Microsoft has provided a comprehensive concept for the implementation process. We have developed this concept and make use of the experiences and methodical approaches, but with acadon_step.wise, we also offer a clear and easy-to implement method for a systematic implementation of your project. As your personal point of contact, your acadon consultant will guide you through the process and guarantees a high degree of planning security, both in terms of time and finances.