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acadon_payment.plan for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for financials

Payment in instalments

acadon_payment.plan – make your live easier

ItLogo_paymentplan as png is not supposed to happen, but every now and then it happens: A customer can not fully pay his bill. He tells you that due to a lack of liquidity he is unable to pay the open invoices. Therefor he requests a payment in instalments. Unfortinately the outstanding invoice is already set.

This is a drawback for accounting because it is time-consuming to split or edit the outstanding invoice.

Now it´s time where the acadon payment.plan comes into play and makes life easier for you!

See the payment.plan Video

Create a complete payment.plan in four steps

Step 1

At first choose in Customer Ledger Entries the invoice you want to split. For this you can use the Navigate function in Dynamics NAV. Then choose “Payment Plan”

Step 2

The edit card opens and you will find all information of the selected invoice. Now you start in the “List” to split up the total amount of invoice. You only need to enter the Payment Terms Code , the First Document Date, Data Formula and the Number of invoices your customer have agreed on.

Step 3

For splitting up the total amount in rates you have two Options:

  1. The acadon payment_plan automatically calculates the partial invoices based on the parameters you have set up before. The amount of each partial invoice is the original amount divided by the number of payments.
  2. Beside the automatic calculation of the payment plan you can also enter the partial payments manually. The acadon payment_plan always takes care, that the total amount of all partial payments of a payment plan meet the total amount of the initial open invoice

Step 4

When you post the payment plan, Dynamics NAV automatically posts new invoices based on the payment plan you have set up. The original open invoice will automatically be settled and closed.

The acadon payment_plan creates new customer entries in the same fiscal period as the original invoice. This means that all existing finance figures will not be changed and that all reports will have the same results as before. The connection between the resulting partial invoices to the original invoice will remain.

User Guide_ENU              

Setup & Installation Guide



Your advantages with acadon_payment.plan

  • The splitting of the rates is done automatically or manually
  • Ease of use in one input mask
  • Full control and overview of the invoice status
  • Reduction of expenses in the accounting