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acadon_payment.plan – Installation & Setup

How to work with the acadon_pament.plan


logo payment planThe Manual contains the detailed descriptions of the individual panels(fields) and processes. In order to demonstrate the splitting and generating of a customer invoice we will be using a CRONUS database.


Installation & Setup

Before you can use the payment.plan, you need to set up all users in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 365 for Financials as users in the Application Setup. You also need to allow direct posting for all ledger accounts that are used by the payment.plan.

User Setup:

The User Setup can be found at Departments/Administration/Application Setup/Users. If a user does not exist, you can add a new entry for the desired user. Important: Enter an existing Journal Template and a Journal Batch

Ledger accounts:

  1. Open your accounts plan. The account plan can be found at “Chart of accounts”
  2. Choose the accounts you want to use. In the example below No. 43100. Click “Edit” to open the accounts Card.
  3. Open the accounts card and set the posting to “Direct Posting” under the “General” tab. Repeat this step for all accounts you want to use the payment plan on.




The Payment Plan can be entered in the Customer Ledger Entry Page as well as in the Vendor Ledger Entry Page. To enter the Payment Plan Page, please press the button Payment Plan. You can find this button in the navigation pane in the home tab.

Step-by-step instructions

In the following step by step instruction you will learn how to create a complete payment plan.

Opening the Customer

First choose an open invoice from the Customer Ledger Entries. Now press the button Payment Plan to create a payment.plan for the chosen invoice. E.g. open the Card of the Customer „10000“ out of the Customer List. Now go to the NAVIGATE tab and open the customer ledger entries.

Choosing an invoice for your payment
Select the invoice with the following document number in your customer ledger entries: 103028. This is the invoice we will use to create a payment plan.

Opening the payment plan (short description)

After selecting the invoice 103028 go to the menu and under the START tab you will find the button „Payment Plan“. Click on this button. This will open the payment plan Card.

Editing your payment plan
  1. On the upper area of the card, you can find all relevant information about your invoice: posting date, document number, Customer number and invoice amount. These are fixed information and can not be edited.
  2. In this Line you can enter your calculation parameters needed to later generate the payment plan.
  3. This is a list, showing a preview of the billing line
  4. Posting information such as: account name, counter account name, balance, aggregate balance and the amount you want to split
Entering calculation parameters into your payment plan

Now enter the calculation parameters for your new invoice, to further understand the functions of the parameters see the following table


Payment Terms Code Please enter the terms of payment here (for instance 14 days)
First Document date Set the first due date of the invoice for instance 17.02.2019
Date Formula Here enter the invoicing interval, for instance 1M for a monthly payment of the installments
Number of Invoices In this line you enter the amount of installments you want, for instance if you enter 4, the invoice will be divided into 4 equal installments
Evaluation of the calculation Parameters

After all the calculation parameters are set, a preview list with the new installments is generated. The Invoice in our Example has 4 equally divided installments with a monthly interval.

Manual modification of listed partial invoices

In addition to the automatic calculation of the payment plan you can also edit the generated partial payments manually. You can set individual Due dates, payment targets and even installment amounts. Make sure however, that the total amount of all partial payments of your payment plan meet the total amount of the initial open invoice and that the value in the “difference amount“ field is always „0,00“ otherwise you will not be able to post your invoices.

Posting the partial invoices

After generating and manually editing the partial invoices, you can now post them using the „Post“-button. Posted invoices can no longer be augmented in the payment plan.

The partial invoices in customer items

Here you can see the result of your postings in the customer items list. In our example we balanced the original invoice with a counter entry generating four new invoices.

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