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Company profile, history, facts – acadon AG at a glance

As an owner-operated company, acadon AG really focuses on having a trusting relationship with all of our partners, whether they are employees or customers. Our unique team spirit and close personal contacts have helped us to successfully implement many projects over the years.
We demand the most of ourselves when it comes to the quality of our consultation service and skilled implementation of a project. This is because we see ourselves not only as software providers, but also as consultants for your business with a focus on the optimization of your business processes. In a nutshell: we are the “business optimizers”.


The Business Optimizers – what does that mean?
  • We develop suitable strategies for your business and lead you safely to your goal.
  • In doing so, we optimize your IT system and create all the conditions required for your success.
  • You will receive effective advice and work with the most modern technology.


Why acadon?
  • We listen to you and concentrate on your goals – this is how you end up with the most suitable IT solution for you.
  • We apply our 30 years’+ experience to your project, so that your solution is set up in the best way possible.
  • Industry focus on timber since our foundation.
  • We continue to qualify and develop our employees so that you receive a complete care and consultancy service.
  • As an owner-operated company, we are financially independent, making us a stable and strong partner for you.



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This is how it all started

In 1981, in collaboration with a fellow student of the technical college for electrical engineering in Krefeld, Karl-Heinz Hütten founded the C.O.P Computer Organisation und Programmierung GmbH. The company, initially intended to be a student side-line job, grew rapidly. As early as the 1980s the duo from Krefeld successfully programmed the first industry software for a timber dealer, in those days based on a Commodore office computer. In 1993 they were one of the pioneers to develop software based purely on Windows.

A short time later, they converted their timber industry software on the basis of the ERP solution from NAVISION, which began by integrating financial accounting and merchandise management. In 2001, as a result of the merger of C.O.P Computer GmbH and Software IN-TAKT GmbH – founded in 1994 by the current CEO of acadon Klaus Fander – with K&H Förster GmbH from Erftstadt, acadon AG was brought to life. With overseas subsidiaries in Switzerland and Austria, and the expansion of the business in the Netherlands, as well as offices in Braunschweig and Bremen, the company continues to expand.

acadon is fully financed by equity. Since the company’s foundation, any surpluses produced have been consistently invested in the development of the business.



1981 ……… Company founding C.O.P. GmbH
1990 First NAVISION Distributor in Germany
1996 Company founding IN TAKT OHG
1997 Firtst industry solution timber at Fries GmbH
2001 Fusion acadon AG
2004 Company founding acadon (Schweiz) GmbH
2007 Department at Braunschweig
2009 Market enty Netherlands
2010 Majority shareholder atLauprecht & Partner GmbH, Bremen
2013 Consolidation and method redesign
2016 Change in Management Board



The acadon Team